Experiential design

Creating experiences that connect people to places

Experiential design helps people to interact with a concept, a story or an installation – a connection and a physical relationship is formed.

What is the clearest and most engaging way to tell a story, communicate and evoke a response?

The project could be an interpretive display, informative signage, event promotion, way-finding sign, exhibition design, historic story telling, an educational or interactive installation, environmental design or corporate communication.

Designing for the natural and built environment is challenging and exciting. I enjoy this special area of design – especially working with the passionate people who drive the projects. Designs needs to inform but not intrude – working with the environment. It requires sensitivity and an understanding of scale and communication and calls for an exploration of materials and elements along with respect for the humans, plants and creatures living in a particular place. Here are some examples of my work in interpretive and environmental design.

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